Responsive Web design is the methodology that recommends the designing and development of a website should react to the user’s behaviour and environment. This means that the website design and development should be based on the screen size of the device, i.e. desktop/laptop or mobile. Responsive Web Design (RWD) has gained tremendous popularity in recent times and now it has become a necessity of sorts for having a web strong web presence.

A responsive web design implements HTML and CSS code in such a way as to provide the same functionality to the desktop, mobile and tablet browsers form the same URL. Since mobile internet utilization is relentlessly expanding, it is extremely critical for your website to responsive. Given below are some important reasons that suggest why your business website should be responsive?

Better Search Results — Not only more users are using mobile to consume information on the web, all the more significantly they are searching for products and services through the mobile. With in excess of 100 billion inquiries on Google each month, Google has reacted to this shift in the behaviour of the consumer by adjusting their search algorithms, which presently rewards websites that are “mobile friendly” with better results for specific searches.

Preferred by Google — Since Google is the most popular search index for businesses to attract potential customers, it is recommended to follow what Google wants. Google not just prescribes Responsive Web Design (RWD) designed by website designer in Albania can be the most ideal approach to target mobile users, and furthermore supports websites that are mobile optimized while showing results for searches made on a cell phone. This is particularly evident when mobile users look for local services. In light of this, it is imperative to note that more searches are generated via mobile phones.

Decreased Maintenance Cost — Earlier, if you would hire the expertise of web Design Company in Albania they would make two separate variants for any site — one for mobile and the other for desktop. What this did was it expanded the overall effort and maintenance cost for keeping both the websites updated. In case of a responsive website, you will have the capacity to deal with your site much productively and effortlessly, without wasting many resources.

Responsive Helps Prevents High Bounce Rate — Regardless of whether your standard website is sitting pretty in search results, if it looks and performs poor on tablet or mobile, bounce rate will be a major issue. Non-responsive sites will experience the ill effects of a high bounce rate if the content is excessively stripped down or inconvenient and excessively difficult to read. It will also be making it impossible to rank the website for mobile searches compared with the content offered on the desktop site. Google will normally interpret that the bounce rate is a sign that a site useless, which will prompt a drop in rankings, which is the reason why web designer in Albania always suggest clients opt for mobile responsive websites to ensure lesser bounce rates.

Responsive adjusts to future devices — One of the enormous advantages of responsive design is that the size of the website layout is planned dependent on screen size, not the device. This implies regardless of what size screen somebody is seeing your site; it will be visible properly for that screen size.

Along these lines, in future, as new gadgets (TVs, watches, glasses, and so forth.) are being utilized for web surfing, your responsive webpage will, in any case, look pretty suitable going ahead, it will be amazingly important that your site gives versatile users a simple to-utilize experience. Having a responsive website is no longer basically a nice feature- rather; it is presently a need and actually impacts the development of your business.